Feeling Accomplished

It’ s amazing what performing a small task can do to your sense of accomplishment!

 My toilet has had a “lazy flush” for as long as I’ve owned the house (exactly a year now), and I finally decided to try to do somethign about it. Thanks to this site on Toiletology (funny name, but they know their stuff!) I narrowd it down to a worn flapper. A quick trip to the local Home Depot, and $5.23 lighter in my pocketbook (not bad!), I had all the supplies necessary. The instructions on the back were generic but clear. And yeah, my old flapper was worn all right! The black rubber/plastic it was made out of turned my hands black as if I had rubbed black ink on them. It really only took me 5-10 minutes to complete the job, and I feel so proud to have fixed my toilet myself. And now my flushing isn’t so lazy!

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