Monthly Archives: October 2006

Some Things That are Making me sad

Just some thoughts for today…..

  • B calls K…..K. No more Jie Jie – I’m not even sure when it stopped..I just sort of realized that I hadn’t heard it in awhile

  • Today B asked for a drink for the first time….no more “tootooit”

  • Yesterday when I showed Bthe picture of her with her foster family, she knew who Baba and Mama were, but called JieJie K….and had no name at all for the man she had previously identified as GeGe

  • Apples are apples….not ping guo

I’ll have to see if I can still find xi gua in the stores…….

I know all of this is normal, and even to some extent what is “supposed” to happen….but it still makes me sad. That to make room for all the new stuff, the old stuff had to go. Making me sadder still, that someday when we do return to Fuzho so B and her foster family can meet again, that she won’t be able to talk to them directly. And I feel so ill-equipped to maintain a language for her, and build one for K, when I can’t help support them in it. It can all be so hard sometimes.

I finally sent off a package to B’s foster family, and the postal clerk was so awesome. I got to observe her while I waited in line, and she had the most positive attidude I have ever seen in anyone doing that type of job. A smile on her face, a positive word for everyone – she really seemed to be having FUN with it all. THen when it was my turn she told me about the flat rate International envelopes – a full sized one is $9.50 – stuff as much stuff in there as you can, and a half-sized one is $5.25. Perfect for when all I want to send is photos and a letter! She even wanted me to see if I could get my M&M’s and make-up in there this time, but I decided it wasn’t worth unpacking the box (and I’m sure it wouldn’t have all fit). But next time!!