Here’s to her health

Good health is nothing to sneeze, err, cough at.

This is being drilled home to me in a big way right now, as I listen to B cough upstairs in her bed. She has had a progressively horrendous cough for about a month now – mostly at night, though it’s starting creeping into waking hours. We’re on our 3rd different treatment in a week. The doc seems to think it’s an “allergic” cough, so she got a nebulizer treatment of albuterol during this morning’s office visit, and we got to take home our very own nebulizer to do it twice a day at home too. And during dinner and the bedtime routine she’s been doing much better. But within 30 minutes of lights out, the coughing and struggling for breath started, and an hour later I’ve already been up twice. I’m not even sure I’m fully describing how bad this cough is to the doctor, although to her credit she seems to be doing everything and is definitely taking me seriously. Listening to your kid suffer, and being mostly powerless to help is hard. It sucks, actually. And because the worst of it is at night, none of us are getting much sleep, which is making me for one, very cranky.

Here’s hoping the coughing tonight is just getting the gunk in there stirred up to be done with it, and not a new manifestation of it all. I’d promise to never take good health for granted again, but I know I wouldn’t keep it – though right now I would do just about anything for one full night of sleep – for all three of us!


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