Easter Stress


I invited four other single moms and their kids over to our house for Easter. And three of them might actually come! What the heck was I thinking!?!

So, I was thinking I could bake a ham. I like ham. My kids like ham. Ham is easy to make. And doesn’t take as long as a turkey. I think. Maybe the other moms could bring a side dish or two, maybe a dessert. Except I enjoy making desserts. Also, and I may say more about this in another post later, I’ve decided it’s time K learned to cook some. So last week I gave her a cooking magazine that had just come and told her to pick something to make and we would do it. Which we did! We made a two-layer strawberry white cake, which came out pretty well. Of course I did all the hard work (including cleaning up!) but it’s all about introductions at this point, right?

Anyway, I guess the menu itself should mostly take care of itself, if everyone brings something. If the three other moms come there will be three six-year olds, a five year old and a three year old. I sold it by saying we would have an egg hunt. I’m definitely all for this, but one of the mom’s said it sounded like so much fun. Um, we’ll just hide jelly beans or Hershey’s Kisses or egg shaped chocolate hopefully outside if the weather cooperates, inside if it doesn’t. Not that big a deal, right? Is there something else I should be doing for an egg hunt?

Then there is the matter of where to actually eat. I have a “bar” in my kitchen, which is where the three of us eat our meals. No room for anyone else there. Because we do not use the dining room, I recently turned it into a play/craft room for the girls, which means it is a DISASTER!

I’m not a formal person. I’m not even an Easter person. But it would be nice to put on a nice-ish lunch for my friends. Even though I know they will not care one bit about all this – it’s still a necessary stress step I must somehow go through.


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