Health Update

We have a diagnosis. Asthma. B has asthma. When I told my  mother she was shocked and concerned. She’s never known anyone with it. I am concerned, but I’ve known many, many people with asthma, and most of them are children  of parents I know.

We’re at the early stages. For a week now she’s been getting albuterol via nebulizer twice a day, and Pulmicort once a day. As of yesterday we are to ease off the albuterol and eventually get to Pulmicort once a day and Claritin once a day. We may go with Singulair instead of one of them in a few weeks, depeding on how she responds. Let me just say that I’m really glad I went with the HMO option for health insurance rather than the High Deductible plan I was offered. All of this would be out of pocket if I’d done that <shiver>.

So far she is responding very well. She actually enjoys her “fishie” time (her nebulizer mask is shaped like a fish). I actually like the cuddle time, as she leans in to me during treatment, and this is a kid who does not settle down much. I’m hopeful we can control  it with preventative medicine now that we know what it is, but of course only time will tell.


One response to “Health Update

  1. My daughter used that same fishy mask for nebulizers for three winters. We made up lyrics to a song called “Bubbles the Fish” (how it was listed on the invoice) to the tune of the Superman theme song, and we always called doing the nebulizer “time for Bubbles the Fish!” So I’m smiling at your mention of “fishie”

    I hope the treatments work well.

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