So Kissable

Somebody stop me!!

For some unknown reason I opened the clearance bag of Valentine Kissables right after lunch. You know Kissables, right? They are Hershey Kiss shaped pieces of candy colored chocolate. A cross between a kiss and an M&M, sort of. I got two bags for 75 cents after Valentine’s Day because the candy is red, white and pink instead of the primary colors found in the regular bag. Hey, it tastes the same and I’m happy to save $3 a bag, or whatever it is.

Anyway, they are in the other room, but I keep getting up from my desk where I am supposed to be working to grab another handful. I know by the time I actually DO stop the bag will be mostly empty and I will be disgusted with myself. Something I am also very aware of when I buy these things, and when I open the bag.

Guess what? Just writing this post seems to have settled the urge….at least for awhile!

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