Easter Recap

I’m just as pleased as punch to tell you that our Easter event here at home was a success!

I’m really not much of a host – have never felt comfortable or grown-up enough to be the one in charge of the food and drinks. Oh, I’m happy to be a guest at someone else’s shindig, and even bring a dish when necessary, but the whole shebang?  Shudder! So whatever possessed me to invite folks over, I’m not sure. But I guess I ought to do it more often!  Yes, it was chaotic at times! We had nine people: four adults and five kids from 3-6 years old. The kids’ table was set up in the middle of the kitchen floor, making navigating during those last few minutes a little tight.  But the girls all had fun (even if they were a bit loud at times!) and the grown-ups got a chance to be grown-ups for awhile. We have so little in our lives that doesn’t revolve around them that this was a very nice break for us.

Both my girls are exhausted – K even fell asleep while I was giving B her nebulizer treatment before bed, and elected to forgo her own book in favor of sleep. Frankly, I’m pretty tired too. But we have lots of leftovers in the frig, so meals this week should practically make themselves!

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