Random Thoughts – catching up

Wow, so much for regular posting, huh? Sheesh….

Not much time to get deep right now, but here’s what’s going on:

  • I had surgery on April 19th — all went well. Re-connected (connected?) with my step-sister who was my nurse and child helper for the 24 hours afterwards
  • TV Show “Lost” is kicking ass!!
  • I am planning a visit to my dear friends out of state next month to celebrate a 50th birthday – my ex also lives in their area and he will expect to spend time with K. But I have us fully booked for that visit and don’t want to give her up for this trip – he totally monopolizes her when we are there. Need to think about this some more.
  • I had an “inappropriate” dream about my boss the other night!! The thing is, it was a very nice dream….and yet I have never had any type of sexual feelings about him in real (awake) life before. But when I saw him yesterday I felt all funny, as if something really had happened between us – bizarre.
  • Trip to Disneyworld is barely 4 months away – gotta drop some weight (10 pounds would be great) by then to hopefully help with managing the heat – would be a lot easier if I could just LAY OFF THE JUNK!
  • The clutter in my house is making me crazy…..

OK, thats it for now – will try to get back to regular posting again – it’s just like getting back to an exercise program or returning to healthier eating.

One response to “Random Thoughts – catching up

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