Monthly Archives: June 2007

Gadget Lust

I have some major gadget lust right now!!

At Christmas-time I treated myself to a new MacBook Pro. As a long time Windows user (mostly due to work), it’s been an adjustment in some ways, but I’m loving it. Mostly I love that I can surf and post anywhere in my house!

So right now I’m majorly lusting over two items that were featured (among many) in the most recent edition of MacWorld magazine. Check ’em out!

This camera looks amazing. Since my older Sony video camera is on the fritz I’ve been checking out sale flyers, etc trying to decide what to take the plunge on. Even though I have a perfectly acceptable (and fairly new!)  digital still camera, I love that this can do double duty, especially for our trip to Disney this August.  I need to find a store that has them in stock so I can test it out – it’s so tiny I worry the buttons might be a pain.

Then this portable DVD Player is sooooo cool! I love that you can watch movies through your video iPod, as well as a memory card and of course the usual DVD’s. Why this is so appealing to me is a little odd, seeing as how I don’t even own a video iPod. Not yet anyway!! It also has 2 inputs for headphones, meaning my two girls can watch the movie on the plane to Disney. Should I mention we do already own a portable DVD Player? But it can’t do what this can do!! This one also happens to be on sale at Target this week. And maybe I could sell our no-name one on eBay? Or donate it somewhere.

Hmmm……so what do you think? Both? Neither? Or pick one?