World Series


This is the text of an email I just sent to a friend who lives in Colorado:

Hi Cammie!

I sure hope you are doing better – I think of you often!! And it takes the World Series for me to finally get around to letting you know! I don’t know if you are a sports fan, or follow baseball at all. Having been born and raised in Massachusetts, I am a huge Red Sox fan. I used to keep baseball scrapbooks as a pre-teen, and the 1975 World Series (Red Sox vs. Reds) was something I followed minute by minute. (Yes, I really am that old – I was 12 that year). Anyway, I’ve lived and breathed the heartache caused by the Red Sox my entire life — until 2004 of course, when we finally, deliciously, won it all!

Which brings me to THIS year! We’re in it again, and playing what I have to assume is YOUR team! It’s exciting to play the team of friends. I must confess to not knowing much about the Rockies – I’m certainly an AL girl with a strong East Coast bias. But I understand this year’s Rockies team is pretty special, and is on one heck of a roll!

I’m watching Game 1 as I type this, and while of course I hope the Red Sox win this one tonight, as well as the next 3 (or at least win 4 before the Rockies do!), I wanted to say hey, and wish your team a great series as well.

Hope you, Brett and each and every kid is doing great – our love to you all!

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