Patriots 24, Colts 20


I am a crazy football fan.

Patriots beat the Colts today, 24-20, in a real nail biter. As a Patriots fan, I’m thrilled! But man, my heart was beating so hard during the entire 3+ hour game that you would almost think I was playing the game myself. I kept having to take deep breaths to calm myself, and even my kids had to keep reminding me to “Breathe, Mom, breathe!”

Earlier in the day I attended the baby shower of a friend, and most of us in attendance are also Pats fans. There was discussion around the possible final score and of those who expressed an opinion (including the experts, I might add), pretty much everyone thought the Pats would win by 14 or more points. I was never sure before the game, and it took till there was only 3 minutes left in the game before I could relax, knowing we would pull it out. We were down 20-10 in the 4th quarter, trailing in the 4th for the first time all season. It looked bleak. But two touchdowns in four minutes clinched it.

Next week is a bye — they deserve it.

Then on to the pursuit of an undefeated season, hopefully capped off by a Super Bowl win!  Go Pats!


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