To Do a Heart Good

I had my annual physical last week. My annual-and-a-half physical, since it had been that long since the last one. Since I’m perfectly healthy (as far as I can tell), this seemed fine to me. I’m not even sure how long I would have gone between physicals, but I recently had a cough that was still there, and worse, after 3+ weeks, so finally visited the doctor, and found out I had walking pneumonia/bronchitis.  On my way out, the doctor checked my records and encouraged me to make my overdue appointment for a physical, which I gladly did. I am over 40, after all.

Physical went fine. No issues. But I also had to do lab work. I had my blood drawn on Monday, and today the results came in the mail. Gulp. Not that I’m surprised. But my total cholesterol is 265, my triglycerides are 154, LDL (bad cholesterol) is 190, and HDL (good cholesterol) is 52. With the exception of HDL, all those are on the wrong side of desirable. Which is not new for me – I’ve been registering a total cholesterol in this range since I first had it measured in my 20’s. And c’mon, my blood pressure is 112/62. The included note says she wants me to start taking drugs, although strangely there is no prescription included or instructions to call to get it.

I don’t want to take drugs everyday. But I don’t want to die of heart disease either.


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