Blogging on blogging

I’ve been playing around with the blog today – anyone notice?

I’m sad because I lost my header, which I really liked. The photo didn’t transfer over when I changed my theme, and that photo is stored on a different computer, and I’m too lazy to go get it. And the photo I did use came out really pixelated, even though it’s a high-res photo. So it’s temporary, at best.

One thing I’m really frustrated about is that I can’t customize the side bar the way I want to. WordPress seems to be really restrictive that way. I used to have a Blogger blog, and I could do more, I think.  I like the “cleaner” look to WordPress, but I’m not sure I like the user-friendliness as much. I may switch, if I can figure out how to transfer the whole blog. We’ll see!

Anyone know how I can upload an image to the sidebar? Is that even possible in WordPress?


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