My Own Seven Wonders

I must confess this isn’t my own original idea. But I like the concept, and so I’m putting my own spin on it. The following are the 7 man-made wonders of my world – those things I can’t do without, or wouldn’t want to imagine having to try. 

  1. DVR Technology. Good lord, what did I do before Tivo and the DVR notion in general? This has truly changed my life. I currently have the DVR service through my cable company, because it allows me to do the HD channels and has a dual tuner, meaning I can record two shows at once, or record one, and watch another. I couldn’t do that with my older Series 2 Tivo (which I still have). I know Tivo has an HD version out now, but last I checked it was still pretty pricey. Anyway, I love being able to watch what I want, when I want to. I keep shows I’ve deemed kid-appropriate on hand for the times my kids are home to watch TV (which is generally NOT when appropriate shows are normally viewing), and I can watch adult shows on my own time. Did I say life-changing?
  2. My Mac. Now, I’m a new convert to the Mac. And I must confess I haven’t fully gone over. And I don’t foresee that happening full force anyway, since I must use a PC at work. But I bought myself a Mac PowerBook Pro last Christmas and I love it a lot and hate it a little. Not bad, says I.  I love that I can take it anywhere, that it has everything I need on it, and that it’s wireless. I also love how easy it is to do simple video editing and create DVD’s, which was the main motivator for its purchase. Because it wasn’t cheap. Now if I could just figure out a way to run a satisfactory financial software program on it on the cheap. I love MS Money, but it doesn’t work running on Crossover, and I don’t own a copy of Windows XP, which means both Bootcamp and Parallels are out for me.
  3. Memory Foam Mattress. I admit my first memory foam was a Tempupedic, purchased by my ex when I was married. I loved it so much that as soon as we split (and he took the bed), I bought a new one. Mine is a knock-off I got on eBay, but it feels the same (and was a fraction of the price). I love, love, love it, and no, I don’t think it feels hot. Can’t imagine going to back to traditional spring mattresses ever again.
  4. The Internet. C’mon, need I say more? Here I am, on the Internet. I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t part of my daily life. It’s how I get my news, how I network with others who are as crazy obsessed as I am about certain things (Red Sox, Patriots, Lost, Disney, etc). It’s how I find restaurants and directions and phone numbers and shop. When I want to know something, I turn to Google. When I’m looking to be entertained, or educated, I turn to many of my favorite blogs and more. I couldn’t have even fathomed something like this 15 years ago – I wonder what the next 15 years hold.
  5. Rear Entertainment Systems. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about the DVD players built into cars these days. Yes, we have one. It’s not used daily – in fact, my rule is the trip has to be at least an hour long before I’ll allow it, and the kids don’t ask for it at other times. But since we often travel 7+ hours to visit friends out of state, this has been invaluable to me in keeping my sanity as the one doing all that driving.
  6. Cell Phone. I have a Blackberry. It actually belongs to my employer, but I am allowed to use it for incidental personal use. I don’t abuse that privilege and am not one of those people who is always on the phone in public places, in my car, etc. I find it comes in most handy when I am out and I need to let someone know I am running late, or ask a question about something I need to know in order to make a purchase, things like that. While I have never had an emergency causing me to need to use it, I like knowing it is there. So, while not a true daily piece of my personal life (other than always being with me), I like having my own little insurance policy/connection attached to my hip.
  7. Digital Camera. My kids aren’t changing everyday like they once did, so I’m not taking pictures everyday, like I once did. But I love that I can take it out and snap a photo anytime and not worry about paying to get it developed, or that it didn’t come out right or that I’m wasting film. The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can record everything. The bad thing about digital cameras is that you do. So I have a lot of very similar shots in my iPhoto/Shutterfly/Snapfish albums!

What about you? What are the things you would rather not do without?


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