Growing Up, in Fast Forward

My three-year-old has a more active social life than I do!

She attended her second birthday party today. It was held at one of those commercial party places where they charge a bloody fortune for your child and all her closest friends to jump around for an hour and a half. This was the sort of thing they had in two different rooms.


At first, B was very tentative about the whole thing. She tried once, and fell, which scared her, and she cried. They had a Moon Bouncer thing which she was content to play on for awhile. Then I offered her the opportunity to go on the slide like the one on in the photo with me. At first she said no, but a few minutes later decided she’d like to try. So we climbed up together, and she settled in to my lap. Then I looked down. Yikes! That slide was long and steep! And fast! We zoomed down, and she wasn’t so sure it was fun, and headed back to the Moon Bouncer.

Until she decided to try it again. I think we did that really big slide 3-4 times, with her never quite seeming to really enjoy it. Then our party was moved into a different room, where I wish we had started out because the equipment was slightly smaller and more size-appropriate for the kids in attendance.

Same sort of idea, but there was an obstacle course you had to navigate through before getting to the slide. I followed her through that obstacle course five, six, seven times. We’d then climb on up and she’d sit in my lap to go down the slide. Around about the eighth time she decided to sit next to me, instead of on me. We did that twice. Then she decided to do it on her own. The first time down the slide on her own she went feet first, on her belly, so she couldn’t see what was in front of her. She did that twice. Then the next three times she went down sitting straight up, facing the bottom. And loving it!

I feel like I watched her grow up today. When I asked her what the best part of the party was, she said riding down the slide with me. She’s still my little girl.


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