Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (well, Friday)

I am very low maintenance with my hair. I get it cut at Supercuts when I can’t stand it anymore, which is certainly not with any regularity. I color it at home, and recently started adding highlights at home too. Wish I didn’t have to color, but the grey is just too abundant these days not to.

Apparently I have been growing out my bangs, because they are now nearly as long as the rest of my hair, which is just about chin length all around. Typing that, it doesn’t sound long, but for me this really is. And since I can’t stand hair in my eyes, I have been tucking my hair behind my ears. Let me tell you, this is not a good look on me.

So on Saturday I opened the phone book and chose a hair salon around the corner and made an appointment for Friday morning. I asked for a cut, color and highlights. I’m sure it will cost three figures (how deep remains to be seen), but I just know I look better underneath all this than is showing. Thing is, I have no idea of the specifics of what I want done, particularly with respect to the cut. Get bangs? Keep it longish, but just re-shape? Let them go wild?


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