Bathroom Space

I hate public rest rooms.

OK, that’s a bit strong, no? The public rest room I use most often is the one at work. There are 8 stalls in this bathroom. It seems as if even if all the stalls are empty when I arrive, if my business takes longer than 30 seconds or so, there is suddenly what I call a Grand Central Rush on the place.

I know it’s not just me that would prefer to, um, use the facilities in private. So why is that if I am in say, the second stall, that the next person to enter the bathroom chooses one directly next to me! Isn’t there some sort of public rest room etiquette that says you should always choose a stall so as to maximize the space between you and any other occupants? Does anyone really enjoy the knowledge that on the other side of that very thin partition there is a very private act going on?  As a woman, I sometimes have “extra” things to take care of too – I really prefer not to have the stranger in the next stall hearing the rip of the adhesive. Give it some space!

Chalk up another one in the “Work from Home” positive column.


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