This morning K, who is 6, announced that some people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. From there, we launched into a mini-lesson on holidays, and how some are religious in nature, and some aren’t. Some are specific to only one country, but all have meaning.

I’m not sure most of this sunk in the way I’d like it to. I consider myself a freethinker, but I only recently learned of that word for it, and I’m glad it exists – for some reason I’m not comfortable with the word “atheist”, even though technically it is correct. I just think most people have a lot of negativity associated with that word, and it sounds like I may be one of them.

So in talking to my daughter about religious holidays, some of which we celebrate in the secular sense, I made sure to mention that there are lots of different beliefs in the world, and it is important to be respectful of everyone’s. This conversation made me realize I have a lot more talking, and showing, I need to do with her around this subject.

Still percolating on this — more to come, I’m sure.


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