It’s the Ides of November. Halfway through this post-a-day thing. And so far, pretty good, I’d say. While some nights (which is when I usually sit down to post) I pause, fingers poised over keyboard before diving in, most nights I’ve got something to say, even if it probably seems disjointed to some.

Some things to think about for the second half:

  • Work – my role, and my status as a single parent
  • Relationships (romantic, I mean), or mostly lack thereof
  • Football – Patriots!  I hate to jump on the 19-0 train for fear of a jinx, but wouldn’t it be cool…
  • Thanksgiving with Friends (yes, they are capital Friends) coming up next week!
  • Shopping strategy for holidays (will I get one? a strategy, that is)
  • TV show thoughts — TV is my main source of entertainment, but I haven’t written much about my favorite shows yet – there’s for sure food for thought there

Anyway, just a few thoughts to fuel the fire for the downhill slide. See ya tomorrow!


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