Because I’m Worth It (and they think so too)

Aw, kids!

This morning I had my hair done: color, highlights, cut. At a real salon! I like it, though the style isn’t as “different” as I might have liked. Anyway, when I picked up B at school tonight she immediately exclaimed, “Mom, you look so beautiful!” It just melted me! Which I needed to enjoy because her teacher then proceeded to tell me that while she had had a good day overall, at nap time she had been so horrible she’d had to be removed from the classroom.

Tonight my ex, E, called to talk to K. She got on the phone and said to him, “Have you seen Mommy’s new haircut? She looks so cute!”  (which is even funnier when you realize he lives 400 miles away and of course hasn’t seen me!)

We’ll see what the hair looks like tomorrow when I style it – that’s always the true test!

Oh, and the services I got cost $90, and I tipped my stylist $20. So it was 3 figures, but it was really not as expensive as I was expecting.  I even made an appointment 7 weeks out for more color/cut. I’ve never done that. I guess it’s time I made a commitment to investing in my appearance a bi more…..after all, I deserve it.


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