Mixed Blessings

A Saturday with nothing on the agenda: a great break from a stressful week, and a long stretch with two young children.

We had nothing on the docket today. No birthday parties, no soccer, no baby showers, no nothing. The girls actually played nicely together most of the day. At one point I said I was goiong to lie down for a little while, and did. Even though B came in twice (despite very explicit instructions beforehand as to what constituted an emergency), I did get some “down” time for about an hour. When I got up, they were very proud to show me all the cleaning up they had done. And even though it mostly appears they moved the mess from one room to another, I definitely appreciated the effort. Clutter is pretty high on my drives-me-crazy list.

We took what was supposed to be a quick trip to Wal-Mart, which ended up taking almost 2 hours due to the never-ending checkout lines!  Grrrr! Don’t even get me started! And B kept up a non-stop monologue the entire time we were in the store, 70% of which was nonsense. My head was spinning, and it was dark, by the time we left.

The girls really enjoyed each other tonight. I love that. They are super loud when they play together. I don’t love that.

Pour me another glass of wine.


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