Hey there, Pilgrim

I did a “mom job” today!

Today B’s school hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with parents. Of course, since most, if not all, of the parents who use this school work full time, this is, or can be, a major break in the day. Luckily, I live and work close by, and I remembered to block it off on my calendar so didn’t get booked for any meetings during that time. But just by barely!

There had been a sign-up list at school for the last week or so for folks to bring food items. But instead of signing up to bring a specific dish, it was categories of dishes. For instance, a “meat/protein” dish, a “veggie/fruit” dish, a “milk/dairy” dish and a “bread” dish. I signed up for “bread” having no clue what to bring. Then I found this recipe, and an idea was born.

marchpilgimhat.jpgYesterday, both girls “helped” me make these, and let me tell you they were a hit! Waaaay better than any rolls or stuffing I might have otherwise brought (and frankly, there were already plenty of rolls!).

B enjoyed having me there, the only tough part was leaving her twice today – yuck!


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