TV Thoughts (Traveling Today)

I watch a lot of TV. Hey, as a single parent to two still-young children, it’s my main source of both entertainment and relaxation. The time between their bedtime and mine is my favorite time of day. And I make extensive use of my DVR to record shows I would otherwise either not be able to stay up late enough to watch (e.g. Dirty Sexy Money). It also comes in real handy when I want to watch multiple shows on at the same time, or am unable to start watching until the show is already underway. I spoke to how much I love the whole DVR thing in my Seven Wonders post, so I won’t rehash that any more than I already have; suffice to say that TV is a big part of my life.

Which means this writer’s strike is majorly bumming me out. My favorite show hasn’t even started yet this season, and now may hold off until 2009 (the horrors!). Others are just hitting their stride and I’ve read a lot about how most shows will just end their seasons around the 9th show, which is coming up in December for most. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with the writers on this issue. They deserve to get their fair share of revenues from the shows they are instrumental in creating. So this complaint is really all about me, how it affects me, how much I will miss my favorite shows for however long this lasts.

Before kids I was a prolific reader, and I suppose I could go back to that. After all, it’s a better use of my brain. But, I probably won’t, only because it’s a lot harder for me to concentrate in that way after most days. I mean, I work full time, then I am in full parenting mode from the time I get home until bedtime, and after all that, all I want to do is be passively entertained. I rationalize by saying my favorite shows are typically not mindless – both Lost and Heroes, for instance, have multiple characters with mysteries galore and odd connections that take energy to keep track of.

I’ll probably turn to Netflix to feed my addiction if the writers’s strike lasts much longer – I’d like to check out Six Feet Under, since I’ve become reacquainted with Peter Krause and feel like I can’t get enough of him.


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