We took the kids to see Disney’s new movie, Enchanted today. This was one of the best movies I’ve seen, maybe ever! It was funny and clever and sweet. I laughed through most of it. The kids enjoyed it too, but saw it on a much different level than we did. You may go because you have kids, but you’ll probably enjoy it more than they do.

Enchanted is highly recommended!

We’re still at our friends’ house and will be heading home tomorrow – it’s been a great visit!


One response to “Enchanted

  1. Hi….I’m just scrolling through blogs on NaBloPoMo and wanted to let you know I saw Enchanted today too. I also loved it—-like you said, on a different level than my 11 y/o daughter.

    From a previous post—-I would highly recommend Six Feet Under. I love Peter Krause (and Dirty Sexy Money), and its a good show all around. We’re looking for Netflix series to fill in during the strike too. Also check out Big Love if you haven’t seen that….its addictive.


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