Weekend Over

Back home today – work and school resume tomorrow – insert heavy sigh.

We spent most of today in the car, driving the 400+ miles from our friends’ house back to our own. It always feels soooo  much longer on the way home. And today, since so many others had also gone away for the weekend, we had the pleasure of sharing the road with far more cars than is usual. At one point I pulled into a turnpike rest area for a break and to get much needed gas. The line for gas was so long that I decided to get back on the pike and get to the next rest stop, 30 miles away. This worked out very well, since I only had to wait for one car to finish filling up. Unfortunately we did run into stop-and-go traffic for a bit after that, but phone calls with a couple of friends helped pass the time (yes, I wore an ear piece!).

Seems like I had other things I wanted to mention today, but frankly, I’m so exhausted from being away from home and the drive today that my brain is simply not engaged. My Patriots are playing tonight which I intend to watch – we’ll see how far into the game I make it – it may depend on the halftime score!  Go Pats!!

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