Well, this NaBloMoPo thing is nearing an end. After today, only 3 more days of “everyday” posting.

In a way it will be a relief not to have to come up with something everyday. In another way, I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to put fingers to keyboard everyday.  I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve hardly said anything profound. Yet, I feel like I’m only just getting started. I also feel like I need to establish a blogging identity, which I haven’t yet done.


K was in quite a mood tonight. She’s only 6, but man, sometimes I see attitude out of her befitting a teenager. She’s got the head bobbing and the tone down way too just right. And tonight she pushed me once too many and I took away her TV watching time. Didn’t go over well, as you might imagine! She declared I was the worst mom ever, and said she was going to throw away the sweatshirt I gave her last week, that just this morning she declared was her favorite ever.  I know she’s angry and is trying to hurt me. Mostly I’m pretty detached from all that, emotionally. Because I know she doesn’t really mean it. But I do fear that if this is what I’m seeing at 6, that 16 is going to be enough to try  my very soul.

One response to “Everyday

  1. hi – found you through Marcia at “Are We There Yet?”
    My 3-year-old daughter already has the eye-rolling thing down. And since I’m 45, we’ve already figured out that she will probably hit puberty about the time I hit menopause, and my husband and son will probably have to move elsewhere for the duration.

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