Three Nice Things

OK, I’m choosing a meme as my last NaBloMoPo post. But it’s a meme that will not only tell you a little more about me, but hopefully give me a lift too. I’ve been mulling this over since I read it on this blog, and still haven’t quite come up with my three things – this will be mostly an on-the-fly thing….here goes!

  1. I am a good friend. I am extremely thoughtful and always think of the other person first. I hate to see others go out of their way for me, and will make an effort to go the extra mile for someone else. Now, I’m not good at gift-giving, or food serving. But if you need something, I’m the one to call.
  2. I have a good sense of humor. OK, I know a lot of people have a good sense of humor, and nearly everyone thinks they do. I’m not a joke teller so much as someone who appreciates the humor in the everyday. I sometimes think I “get” other people’s humor more than the average bear. And I enjoy being clever or witty, in a subtle way, with others.
  3. I am extremely conscientious. When I make a promise to do something or be somewhere, I honor that. I hate the thought that I might be letting someone down, including myself. I’m not a nut about it, and if something really doesn’t matter, I can let it go. But I do take pride in being a person of honor.

Whew. Done. While I typed all that out much faster than I expected to, it still wasn’t easy. And I’m not convinced those are the three absolute nicest things about me. But they’re the three that came to mind tonight, and that I can back up with some verbiage.

Posting everyday for 30 days was a challenge, and I’m proud to say I did it. While I doubt I will keep up the everyday posting in the future, it’s been a great exercise, and I hope to stay a regular poster. And develop a bit more.

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