My 15 Minutes

I was thrilled to find out today that a fellow blogger has linked to me on her site! And so I’m linking right back – I also think we would get along great – I can relate to a lot of what she blogs about.

And yes, I do know I have to complete my 100 things page…..either that or change it to 65 Trivial Tidbits.


One response to “My 15 Minutes

  1. I came here thanks to MLL 🙂
    And the first thing I noticed is that you share a certain foot fetish with a few of my blog friends and I. Though, right now, my blog is all decorated for Christmas so my foot only header is gone until the new year.
    Don’t feel bad about the 100 things. I noticed a few pages like that as I surfed the NaBlo sites and thought it was a grand idea – until I realized just how long it might take me to come up with that!! So, it’s on the back burner for now as I am wiped out from November.

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