Thirteen for Thursday

Hoo, here we go, Thursday again! The Thursday before Christmas, no less! So, can you stand one more Christmas theme? OK, you know what, I can’t promise this will be the last Christmas theme. But I can promise it will be the last one on a Thursday….at least till next year!

So this week I’m listing 13 things my kids are getting for Christmas. K will be 7 in January, and B will be 4 in February, for those keeping track at home.

1. A toy playhouse. It’s basically a pop-up tent. This will be the “Santa” gift this year, meaning it will be unwrapped and set up when they come downstairs. They had so much fun playing in a similar (much more expensive Pottery Barn version) at a friends’ house, and I think they will really enjoy it. If not, it was only $15. Hey, Santa has a budget too.

2. Fleece sweatshirts. We live in New England. You can never have enough of these.

3. Red Sox World Series T-shirts. Both girls are New England sports fans (Red Sox and Patriots), and B wants Big Papi (David Ortiz) to be her brother.

4. Toothbrushes. The battery-operated kind. B loves Dora, and K is getting Shrek.

5. Chocolate bears. These were sold as a fund raiser at K’s school.

6. High School Musical sweatshirt. That one is for K.

7. Disney pins. We visited Disneyworld this summer – B’s first trip, and K’s first riding a roller coaster. Their pins reflect their respective “firsts” on the trip.

8. An ornament. My mother started this tradition with me, giving me an ornament every year so when I moved out I’d have ornaments with memories to start my own tree. I’m doing the same with my girls.

9. Books. I love the Scholastic Book program offered through both girls’ schools. Quality books for cheap prices. I got a few Newberry Award winners for K, and some new stories for B.

10. Mancala. I have never played this game, but K is apparently quite good at it. She can teach me, and then we shall see!

11.  LeapPad cartridges. We have the “My First Leap Pad” and the next one up so I got each kid a Ratatouille cartridge appropriate for their game.

12.  Color Wonder coloring kit. B loves to color, but boy, can she make a mess! These things are clear, except on their special paper. Going for the win-win here!

13. Pajamas. This will be their one Christmas Eve gift. My mother started it one year when she said she got sick of seeing photos of my sister and me in ratty pajamas. I like the idea of new jammies.

While I do have all receipts, I haven’t added them up so have no idea how much I’ve spent this year.

So, what are your kids getting? And how much do you spend, if you keep track?

One response to “Thirteen for Thursday

  1. We got a toy kitchen for the kids to share (they played with one at their cousin’s house, and loved it). Mary Margaret is also getting a doll house, and as close a facsimile to “Baby Doll from Santa Clause 2” as I can manage. WIlliam is getting several dinosaurs. They’re both getting Dr. Suess books and a couple of puzzles. I think all told we spent about $500 on them, which is way too much, but the kitchen and doll house should see them through several more years.

    I like the jammies idea too. We used to always get Santa Mouse pajamas for Christmas. Complete with a little hat. I may have a picture of me wearing mine one year. We all three had a set, and wore them on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, so it’s hard to tell what year is what.

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