The Night Before


The kids are asleep, and Santa has come. Even though I thought there wasn’t much in the way of gifts this year, you wouldn’t know it from looking at our tree. There is a LOT of stuff under there!! I hope the kids are excited.

But today ranks in the top 5 of stressful days for me. One, my mother is here. Having her here stresses me out in the best of times. The kids, who have a so-so relationship with her (better now that they are a little older), have been on speed since she got here yesterday, and that is stressing me out. Then yesterday we discovered my car’s battery was dead. No warning, just died, caput. We didn’t deal with it till today, when I was going to jump it using my mother’s car. But it was so dead, we couldn’t even get it in gear to get it in neutral, which kinda scares me a little. I went over to a neighbor I barely know. We nod hello and will chat for a moment or two, but we are not “friends”. And it was Christmas Eve and all – I felt bad taking him away from his family. But he took out my dead battery so I could take it down to Pep Boys to buy a new one, and then installed my new one. Voila! I can drive again! Thank you Neighbor Dave!

Later, my best friend called – her mother passed away at 5:30 this morning from cancer. We just saw her at Thanksgiving and she seemed tired, but well.  It happened really, so fast. Having lost a father and sister to cancer, I unfortunatey know a thing or two about this, but in my own family’s cases, it seemed much more drawn out. Either way, we are sad. Mary was a lovely woman and she will be dearly missed.

I know there is more, but I am just too tired to think about it. I hate to post something so self-involved on Christmas Eve, but there you have it. Tomorrow should be a good day, though I expect it will be no less exhausting.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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