Monthly Archives: December 2007

My 15 Minutes

I was thrilled to find out today that a fellow blogger has linked to me on her site! And so I’m linking right back – I also think we would get along great – I can relate to a lot of what she blogs about.

And yes, I do know I have to complete my 100 things page…..either that or change it to 65 Trivial Tidbits.

States I’ve Visited

Do you consider yourself well-traveled? Either way, it’s fun to create a visual of your travels. Here are the states I’ve visited (which I defined as at least spending the night, versus a flight layover, or a hotel stay strictly on the highway):

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

When I was clicking off the states I thought it was a lot, but visually, not so much!  Anyway, it was fun – try it!