Stuffed Animals Need a Home Too

I’m feeling a little remiss in my lack of posting lately. But I have had two sick kids, off and on all week, plus a busy work schedule  (though there is nothing new in that), and my friend whose mother recently passed away is now dealing with a seriously ill father. Though she lives far away and I can’t be there to help with day-to-day stuff, we do speak everyday. It’s really too much for her to have to deal with right now.

But I am still focused on the “stuff” issue.  Because of the above reasons, I haven’t done much with respect to decluttering this week, which means that not only has it not gotten better, it has gotten worse. And since K’s birthday is this weekend including a party for 9 girls on Saturday, there will be more things entering the house. B’s birthday is next month, so never fear, there is more around the corner! I do have Monday off with no kids planned to be in attendance, so that is when I’m hoping to get a lot done. I do have a question, whether or not you’re a declutterer. What the heck do you do with all the stuffed animals?? I have a large box not only filled, but stuffed, with stuffed animals! The box is a “dish box” used by movers – it’s about 3 feet high and there are probably 40-50 toys in there. I hate to throw them away, but who on earth would want them? I posted them on Freecycle awhile back, but no one responded. I doubt Goodwill wants them. Do I really toss them? I guess I am having a hard time coming to terms with throwing away things that 1) cost good money, and/or 2) are still perfectly good.

Other things on the list to get gone:  baby toys (my “baby” is almost 4), high chair, toddler bed, crib (though I may see if my sister-in-law wants it – it would have to be shipped from the east coast to the west, but I’d love for her to have it), an old TV, several strollers, a love seat, a floor lamp, adult and childrens clothes and of course the junk type toys that are just tossed in bins and forgotten about the minute they enter the house.

I did book a trip to Disney (with our friends) for August – so we have something really fun to look forward to!


3 responses to “Stuffed Animals Need a Home Too

  1. If the stuffed animals are in decent shape or would be in decent shape after cleaning, I throw them in with the thrift store donation (they will also sort, throw out any that are unusable, and clean them). If not, I throw them away. Stuffed animals are usually a dime a dozen—they don’t even seem to sell at the thrift stores much. But again, I am ruthless when it comes to tossing things in the trash—-toys, stuffed animals, clothing, whatever—-out it goes!


  2. You can try freecycle for the stuffed animals again (I’ve discovered that with freecycle it just depends on who is reading any given week).

    Do you have any desire (now or in the future) to have a garage sale? Sometimes stuffies go pretty well at garage sales, since mom and/or dad are out looking for bargains but have to bring the kid along it’s easy to say “okay you can have the bunny for $0.50 if you just shut up”

    Or — like Marcia says – you can give them too Goodwill – – that way at least if they end up getting thrown out *you* are not the one doing the throwing.

    Me, I have a friend with a dog that loves to destroy stuffed animals —

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