Personal Medical News (of sorts)

Back in November I had my usual annual pap smear. I’ve been having those since I was 17 or so. While not something enjoyable, by any stretch of the imagination (you know what I’m talking about!), it’s part of life, move on.

Well, a week later I got a call that the results were abnormal, and I was to be scheduled for a colcoscopy to get a closer look at my cervix and what might be going on with these “atypical glandular cells”.

The procedure was originally scheduled for December 13, but I was due to have my period then, so I had to reschedule to January 7th. I unexpectedly got my period several days early, and had to reschedule again, and FINALLY, it was today.

I will be 45 years old in April. The doctor said I have a “young cervix”. WTF??? Apparently I have a lot of glandular, rather than squamous, cells surrounding the opening of my cervix. And when she touched it with the big Q-tip like thingee, it bled. I had a uterine ablation (Novasure) in April of last year to try to alleviate my heavy periods, but alas, it has not done much of anything. So now the thinking is that perhaps whatever is going on with my cervix is contributing to the continued, irregular (way too often) bleeding.

They took a bunch of tissue samples which I expect to hear back on in a week or so. We’ll see what comes back.

In other news, a busy weekend ahead wherein I will be the sole adult chaperoning my newly minted 7 year old daughter’s birthday party on Saturday, and watching the AFC Championship game on Sunday, in which I will be rooting for the New England Patriots to kick some Charger butt. But I am not an arrogant fan, and I acknowledge that anything can happen. Still, Go Pats!!!!

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