Stuff be Gone – Day 1

A day off work. Kids in school. Means a day off for Mom!!

And what did I do with my day off today?

  • Five bags of outgrown clothes
  • Two boxes of VHS tapes (the “keepers” having long since been replaced by DVD’s; the rest are expendable)
  • One box of young children’s toys
  • Five trash bags of junk toys


I still have a long way to go, but this made a gigantic dent in the stuff cluttering my house and therefore my life. The playroom now has room to walk. My gut feeling is my children may actually want to play down there now that they can see what’s what. I also may have figured out why they are both so good about putting things away at school, but treat their home like a trash can: it was one! It will be interesting to see if less is more in that regard. Also, I now have a free corner in my bedroom where all those clothes were accumulating. I cannot tell you why it took me so long to do something about it. While there are some “nicer” things there, the effort required to do something about that (eBay, Craigslist, etc) would not be worth any reward.

So my car is loaded up with stuff to take to…..Goodwill, Salvation Army, Children’s Home. I’m really not sure where those places are in my community. Actually, I do know where the Children’s Home is, so I need to call them and see if they want any of this.

A very successful day indeed.

One response to “Stuff be Gone – Day 1

  1. Various places have people that come to your house and carry this stuff away. I love those guys.

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