Classroom Volunteer…finally

I am such a great mother. Want to know why? Becuase I volunteered for an hour in K’s first grade classroom today.

OK, so it’s February. Day 97 of the school year. More than half way. But I was there!

Actually, I do work full time and it’s hard to get away. But the time the teacher needs  help is Tuesdays from 11:30-12:30. So, I am going to try to block that off on my calendar going forward and do that every week. It’s basically like a lunch hour for me, so unless there is some critical meeting I need to attend (which does sometimes happen), I should be able to do it most weeks. K was absolutely thrilled to have me there, and I enjoyed seeing her in the company of her peers.

It was really quite interesting to see the other children up close and personal. My job was to walk around and assist children as needed while the teacher worked with small groups at the table. They had a worksheet to do, and then various jobs to complete around the room. Some kids were very responsible and diligent about their jobs. I asked a few of them to tell me what they were doing, and they were very proud to explain it all to me. Then there were the few that….weren’t so responsible and diligent. The girl who was so rude at K’s birthday party a few weeks ago was rude in the classroom. We’ll have to have a talk about that! And one little boy got my attention and I helped direct him, and then he wanted me to do all the worksheets for him! I had to be a teensy bit rude myself just to get away from him. I’ve already been to the first grade, buddy!


One response to “Classroom Volunteer…finally

  1. My mom and stepfather volunteer two days a week at the elementary school close to their house. (They’re both retired which makes it easier.) They help them with reading and spelling and such. They both like it, but Mom says Pop isn’t really as patient with them as he should be. But then he’s not as patient with anyone as he should be.
    It will be a couple of years before my oldest goes to school, but I am sort of looking forward to helping in the classroom. I do worry about encountering children who are ill-behaved however. Mine don’t need that kind of education – they are quite creative enough on their own!

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