How do you stop the button pushing

I am in serious need of some button protection.

You know how your kids are experts at pushing your buttons? I need something to stop that.

Tuesday again, so I helped out in K’s classroom this morning. She loves having me there, and I love doing it for her. The rush of love I feel for her when I see that smile on her face when I show up is like a drug. She is the best kid in the world. And since I was working from home to allow for the flexibility to do this, I asked her if she wanted to take the bus home instead of attending the after school program (which she loves). She decided she wanted to come home to be with me, and also to have some time to do her homework before B entered the picture later on, which always makes for a swell time.

So I was looking forward to having some uninterrupted time with my best big girl for a little bit this afternoon. And what did I get but a whining ball of brattiness. She started and abandoned both the reading and math portion of her homework, and insisted the world would end if she could not play outside (in freezing weather) with the kid across the street for the final 10 minutes we had left before needing to leave to pick up her sister. Which I finally gave in to, just to get her out of my hair for those 10 minutes.

The after school program is looking pretty good for next Tuesday.

3 responses to “How do you stop the button pushing

  1. OH — does she get her homework done at after school??

  2. I don’t have that many buttons, but the Queen knows how to push them simultaneously. Most of them involve some sort of torture for her brother. I’m starting to look forward to next year when she can go to kindergarten (although since it’s generally spelled kindergarden around here because of the abysmal educational system, I may not be able to bring myself to put her in that environment).

  3. She usually has a math worksheet to do, and reading. Sometimes she’ll do the math worksheet at the after school program, but the reading has to be done with me, since I’m supposed to listen to her read, and help judge if it was “too hard”, “too easy”, or “just right”. Also sight words and this new thing called fact triangles (which are actually pretty cool!) for math. So yesterday when she had a chance to get homework done before the mad dinner rush, it would have been nice if she’d done it!

    Wouldn’t you know today is a snow day, so she is home while I work from home again and we are both going out of our tree!!!

    And ohmylord, misspelling Kindergarten??? A big ole YIKES on that!

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