The VDay Reds and Blues

It’s the obligatory “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY” post.

There you go – glad that’s out of the way.

Actually, my very favorite Valentine’s Day was my junior year of college. I had a very close circle of friends, and without planning it, we all just did really fabulous things for each other that year. Making cards and poems, cookies, leaving a surprise note. I really felt loved and special all day long. I’m smiling just thinking of that day, and those people. Sadly, I’ve lost touch with them. Hmmm, not the feeling I was going for. Anyway!

This year I actually considered sending myself flowers at work. I’ve been sent flowers at work before, and let me tell you, it’s up there on the special scale. It’s a way for all your co-workers to see that someone loves you enough to send flowers. Of course, I’m not sure this has as much impact on Valentine’s Day, since there was literally a bevy of flower delivery trucks lined up at the entrance to my building this morning. It’s too easy to get lost in the crowd on a day like this. A birthday, anniversary or other special event can pack a lot more punch. So for all you male readers out there, make a note. In the end, of course, I decided that I wasn’t willing to pay inflated VDay prices for flowers, and truth be told, I’m not much of a flower person anyway (psssst! chocolate). I just wanted to feel special. And then I think, why am I buying into the need to feel more special today than any other day? So, in the end, it was really just a regular day for me. Although I did wear a red sweater, and both my girls got a small box of chocolate and a bag of Valentine M&M’s.

Here’s hoping you feel loved and special today and everyday.

2 responses to “The VDay Reds and Blues

  1. My spouse is not a flower giver generally and he certainly won’t pay the inflated Vday flower prices.

    I own and run a business, and on Vday I get a few dozen roses and give them out to all the clients, employees, and anyone else that happens by. (Oh by the way — roses are $7.99 a dozen at Trader Joe’s – I’m thoughtful and considerate — but I’m still frugal).

  2. We ignore Valentines day here, it sucks I know. Lame hey? A few times I have been given flowers, but since it falls on a “deathaversary” I always feel like they are sympathy flowers and not I Love You flowers.

    ahhh done whining and it felt good

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