Happy Birthday B

Happy Birthday, B. Four years old!  Wow!!

We’ve been a family for a little more than a year and a half, and this is the second birthday we’ve celebrated together. The idea of “birthday” is definitely sinking in! We started the day with presents, bought cupcakes on the way to school to share with friends there, and then went out to dinner. I brought my camera to work with me so I’d have it to take to dinner…..but, and here’s where I get Mother of the Year award…..I forgot it at work. Arrgghh!!

We ordered dessert and the waitress asked if we’d like a song. I said yes, and the look on B’s face when the hoard of servers arrived clapping and singing their birthday song was just priceless. It would have been nice to have a photo of it!!  Arrrgghh! She cocked her head coyly against her shoulder, grinning all the while. Adorable.

Tomorrow is her first birthday party – I’m so excited for her!

One response to “Happy Birthday B

  1. Happy Birthday, B! I hope the party is all she ever dreamed of and more.


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