One and Done

This week is school vacation week for us. Oh, this has inspired so many thoughts, and rants!

First, why do kids have so much time off from school? I think the summer breaks started way back when so many families had farms, and needed all the kids at home to help with the work. But a “winter” break and then a scant two months later a “spring” break? C’mon!

Second, I chose not to take any vacation time this week, so I am paying for K to attend her old school (where B also attends full time) this week. She is having a blast seeing her teacher from Kindergarten, as well as other kids who have gone in separate directions since then. Tomorrow they have a field trip and she is very excited. But, this means I am paying a bloody fortune for her to be entertained so I can work. But, unless we had specific plans, I know she is much happier there than being with me, even if I worked from home all week.

The reality of this for me is that for the first time since last June, when K graduated from Kindergarten, both my kids are at the same place all day. One drop-off. One pick-up. I can’t tell you how liberating this is for me! It’s a huge time saver, for one. And yesterday afternoon the roads were horrible due to an icy, slippery storm and it was nice to be able to grab them both at once and head right home, without a second stop to get the other.

Only two more years till B is in school full time and they are back to the same location every day…..

One response to “One and Done

  1. I am not looking forward to next year when the Queen starts kindergarten and I have to pack poor DeBoy up twice a day just to take her and go get her. We’ll have to create some kind of playdate a couple of days a week. He already hates having to get in the car for the Queen to go to dance class and tumbling. But he will get to do those things this fall.

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