I did something today I’ve been meaning to do for nearly six years.

I met with a lawyer to draw up a will.

My company offers a free 30 minute consult with a referred lawyer as part of its EAP benefits, and if I hire him a 25% discount off services. So that was a nice little push to finally get it done.

We mostly sat and talked for a little bit – I gave him names for such things as guardian for my children, trustee of their money, health care proxy, financial proxy, and executor of my will. I have lots of different people in there for all that, which I hope won’t make it too confusing. Of course, the real hope is we never need to use any of this at all! But once all the papers are signed I really will feel better — my lack of written instructions regarding guardianship of my kids has caused me some stress and I’m ashamed it’s taken me this long to get my arse in gear over it.

But what was funny is that in the small talk at the end, I made a comment about the name of the firm, and asked if it didn’t used to have a third name attached to it. When he agreed that it did, I shared that I had dated the son of the third partner in college.  He was actually the guy I lost the big V too (yes, I was 20, and damn proud of it too), but I didn’t share that little nugget with Mr. Lawyer. He had just seen the whole family recently since the wife/mother had passed away in the last few months. I get all nostalgic when I hear about folks from my past.

“Lost” is on tonight – it is my favorite show of all time, and the only reason I haven’t blogged about it is that so many others do it far better than I ever could. So I’m off to watch it now. Or as we say in fandom, I’m off to “Get Lost!”


5 responses to “Will

  1. GOOD for you.

    Funny thing — I’m not sure but I think when we were doing the paper chase our social worker asked about the will and guardian thing. I’m don’t recall whether it was required or not though.

  2. We had asked my sister-in-law to be guardian for the Queen when she was born, and again when DeBoy was born, but we didn’t formalize it in writing (the will) until last year, much to my relief. I don’t want my children to be yanked around from place to place while the relatives fight over them (which they would – I love my family, but you know, sometimes . . .).

  3. ramblingmom – for my first adoption (paperchase done in 2000) there was not a guardian requirement for the dossier, but for my second (paperchase done in 2005) there was. My aunt and her husband signed a paper with the agency-provided wording, which I dutifully had certified and authenticated. But it was always understood it was a paper thing. While I love my aunt, and we are actually quite close in age, she’s not who I would ultimately choose. And didn’t! The attorney just emailed me the docs, so I need to review them and make an appt to sign and notarize, but I do feel so much better that this is DONE.

  4. We really need to do that soon.. thanks for the reminder.

  5. Why the heck does it redirect me to my old blog? Darn wordpress.

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