Blackberry Crackberry

I am a Blackberry owner.

I own it because my job requires it. Require being a very loose term here, but since they bought it for me and pay the monthly bills, who am I to argue? I actually held off on getting one for as long as I could because I was afraid of the “short leash” syndrome, but I have actually only received work calls outside of normal business hours two or three times in the three years I’ve had it. I have no problem with that level of frequency. Also, I’m allowed to use it for occasional personal use so I don’t have to actually pay for a personal cell phone. Bonus!

When the iPhone was released last June, my company sent out a mass e-mail reminding us all that the iPhone was not an approved company device. Bummer. Because I seriously covet one. But I’m not about to fork over that kind of money, and frankly, I’m not wild about the service provider you are roped into using.

Then today, I saw this article, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping. I would love to see it certified and approved for use at my company. It would take awhile, but one can dream.


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