Wagon, where are you?

And so it goes.

I had been doing really well with not doing any “recreational shopping”. Target has always been a big hole for me – I can wander around there for hours picking up things here and there that I didn’t know I needed till I saw it. But I hadn’t been doing this lately, not for a few months.

Then this Sunday’s flyer had the electronic item K has been jonesing for on sale. And my Red Card 10% off coupon arrived the K had amassed $99 (plus one more Monday night from the Tooth Fairy!) and with the 10% discount, the DS would come to $107. I told her I would advance her the $7 since I really can’t see making her wait, only to have to save that much more money.

So this morning after dropping kids off and before going to work, I went to Target. It doesn’t help that I quite literally HAVE to drive by everyday to and from work! Bought the DS. Picked up a case and a game (do you have any idea how expensive the games are!?!?!). Figuring, hey, it’s all 10% off and the game was also on sale.

Then I started thinking about it at work. There was another game on sale that she had mentioned. It’s always good to have gifts on hand.  And oh yeah, my SIL is expecting her first baby in May and I want to send her some stuff. So back I went AFTER work. Bought 4 outfits for the baby, a few toys, another game (!), and my favorite dark chocolate Dove mini’s which were also on sale (plus I had a coupon!). And since the 10% off card was good all day, another 10% off my total purchase. Do you have any idea how much I just put on my credit card today??? Granted, K is paying for the biggest chunk of it. But I definitely got caught up in the “spend more to save more” mentality. And it was so damn easy. Too easy!
Back on the wagon…..


One response to “Wagon, where are you?

  1. Hey, you know one lapse, and it was mostly gifts. The only reason I’m not dropping wads of cash (or rather credit) at Target is because we don’t have one.

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