Thirteen for Thursday

Thirteen TV shows I’m loving – both current, recently off air, and those I’ve discovered via DVD since the start of the Writers’ Strike. In no particular order (except for the first one!):

1. Lost – possibly one of the best written shows ever!

2. Grey’s Anatomy – a grown-up soap opera – a guilty pleasure

3. CSI – but only the original, Las Vegas, version. I am a HUGE Gil Grissom fan.

4. Survivor – it’s not as good as it used to be, and I don’t track the boards obsessively like I used to, but I enjoy the social experiment that it is.

5. Six Feet Under – this is one I’ve discovered on DVD. I can’t believe how great this show is! I am about one-third through Season 3, and am thrilled I still have so much more to see. The Fisher family is so real, so human and I love them all.

6. Dexter – CBS is showing this former Showtime show on network TV now (probably heavily edited). It stars Michael C. Hall who was also in Six Feet Under. I just want to say how in awe of his acting ability I am! He plays two such completely different characters in the two shows, and totally nails them both.

7. Wonderfalls – a co-worker recommended this one, which apparently only aired 4 episodes back in 2004, though they shot a full season. It’s available on DVD and is a fresh, fun show. It’s really too bad it never made it past those episodes.

8. Heroes – another show with excellent writing!

9. Dirty Sexy Money – my favorite of the new shows from this fall. Peter Krause is my kind of guy.

10. Pushing Daisies – created by the same folks behind Wonderfalls – a quirky, different, very special show.

11. How I Met Your Mother – the lone comedy on my list! This one breaks the mold, in my opinion. It’s not formulaic like most of the rest of them out there.

12.  Ugly Betty – I love that the main character is lovable because of her brains, heart and ingenuity, and not her looks. The relationship between Betty and Daniel is timeless. And Justin, Betty’s nephew, steals every scene he is in. (I also loved David Blue, the actor who played Mark’s boyfriend – what a cutie!)

13.  What’s Next? – No, that’s  not the name of some show you’re not watching, just a reminder that the best shows are still out there.

Got any favorites you’d like to share?


3 responses to “Thirteen for Thursday

  1. If you like Peter Krause and haven’t seen it yet, check out Sports Night….only on for 2 seasons, before Six Feet Under.
    Other ideas based on your list:
    Veronica Mars, Everwood, Big Love


  2. Hi! I’m going to interview you instead of Maggie over on the “great interview experiment”…drop me an email! I look forward to stalking your blog and coming up with some interesting questions to ask you!!!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations for new shows, Marcia! I did watch (and LOVE) Sports Night back in the day it was on in real time, but it’s in my Netflix queue to rewatch, simply because of my love affair with Peter Krause. Big Love is also in the queue! I will have to check out Veronica Mars and Everwood as well – thanks!

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