A Fine Five

Inspired by Stephanie, I thought this might be a cool exercise. At least the self-reflection part of it.

If forced, which five words would you use to describe yourself? Answer. Then ask those closest to you (a parent, a lover, a sibling, a friend or two) to describe YOU using only five words, and do the same for them. Is there any parity? Is there a gap between how you see yourself and how the world around you does? If so, what have you learned from it?

Five words I might use to describe me:

  • Hard-working
  • Responsible
  • Thoughtful
  • Stressed
  • Easy-going

Hmmm, some of them seem contradictory (stressed, yet easy-going?), and I also wanted to add “lazy” (does that go with hard-working and responsible?). But yeah, they do all describe me. And ask me tomorrow, or next week, or six months from now, and you might get five completely different words. We are awfully complex, aren’t we?

Not sure I will actually ask anyone else to use five words to describe me, but it’s worth at least imagining what others might say. Maybe I’ll ask my kids – I’ll report back what they say (guarantee “yeller” will be one of them and no, I am not proud of it! that’s where the “stressed” comes in, I guess).

Edited to add….I asked my girls for five words to describe me – this was what they came up with:

  • Nice
  • Pretty
  • Loveable
  • Sometimes mean
  • Caring

Only one negative one, but the shocker for me was “pretty”!


One response to “A Fine Five

  1. My daughter often tells me I’m being mean, but also that she loves me. She will tell me I’m pretty when I dress up.
    I’ve been trying to think what I would put on my list and not having a lot of success. It’s a worthy exercise though.

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