In the Moment

We spent the weekend with my mom. While I was not looking forward to it, it was OK. And for me, the perfect amount of time. She also sent me “shopping” in her pantry, and I came home with 13 jars of spaghetti sauce, 12 one pound boxes of various shapes and even flavors of long pasta, two cases of various soups, 6 12-pack frig packs of soda, and untold boxes of rice, rice-a-roni and other boxed side dishes. My mother lives alone and doesn’t cook much anymore, but she can’t resist a sale/coupon combo and loads up on staples that she never ends up eating! So I now have lots of free food and no room in my own pantry to store it! A task for the upcoming week.

One of the reasons I dislike staying at my mom’s is the sleeping arrangements for my family of three. She has a 2 bedroom house, and there are 2 king sized beds in it. She sleeps in one…..and when it was just K and me, she and I were fine in the other. Now that we have B as well, it’s a bit tight with 3 of us in one bed, especially given B’s moving. On this trip B agreed to sleep in my mom’s bed with her, leaving just K and me in the other. Amazingly, this worked out perfectly!  It was great to have a relatively good night’s sleep, and since my mom and B are both early risers, it made sense for them to be able to get up together.

And this gave me an unexpected gift — alone time with K. As she and I lay in bed together, we didn’t have to get up to go somewhere. B was engaged with my mom, so I wasn’t on edge about leaving her wandering the house on her own for an extended period. And while there weren’t any deep dark secrets exchanged, it was a delicious sigh to be there for K to just talk and be a little silly. It also made me realize that on the rare occasion when I am alone with either of my kids, it’s even rarer that I am giving them my full attention; we seem, no I seem, to always be thinking of what has to be done next.

Goal for the Week: Take to heart the title of this post


One response to “In the Moment

  1. Wow. If you got that much, it makes me wonder how much she still has!
    It’s great that you worked out the sleeping arrangements and had a good visit.

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