NaBloPoMo – A – American Idol

The theme for April’s NaBloPoMo is Letters. Completely optional, of course. But I like a little structure, so we’ll see how it goes. Each day I’ll choose a letter of the alphabet and try to write about something to do with that letter. Yes, I realize April has 30 days and there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. So maybe I’ll start again, or move onto blends, or pick my favorite letters for the final four days – who knows. Gotta get there first.

So we kick off April with A, which seems only appropriate, no?

Anyone watch American Idol? I only started watching it three seasons ago (the one Taylor Hicks won) because friends highly recommended it. Damn them, cause now I’m hooked. I hate that it takes up 3 evenings a week in the early part. It’s down to 2 at this point in the competition, which is better, but still a huge time commitment. Thank goodness for DVR because there are SOOOO many commercials! And frankly, for the results show I watch the American Idol Ford commercial and then fast forward till the end – all I really care about is who got the boot.

Tonight’s episode is airing as I’m writing this, but I haven’t started watching it yet. There are nine left. My favorites at this point in the competition are:

Brooke — There is a sincere sweetness about her, and I like her style

Michael Johns – Very cute, and a good singer. Seems to do best when singing Queen songs, so I’m not sure how far that’ll get him. But in the meantime he is very nice to look at

David Archuleta – he’s dropping on my list because there is something about the tone of his voice that annoys me. However, he is amazingly talented, and if he’s this good at 16, the world is his oyster, baby.

Carly – While I didn’t care for her performance last week, I think she has a real talent and can belt ’em out.

David Cook – He’s a Chris Daughtry wannabe in my estimation, but he’s pretty good at it. I just don’t get why he thinks it’s OK for his hair to always look dirty. Wash it already!

The other four are good, obviously, but aren’t doing a whole lot for me. My favorite singer – Asia’h Epperson – is already gone. I thought she was a real bundle of energy and just about the cutest kid. She had a very compelling backstory too. Oh well. It’s certainly true that plenty of AI losers have gone on to be incredibly successful.

Edited after viewing: I loved, loved, loved Carly’s song and performance tonight! I happen to love that song anyway, but she did it proud. I have to agree with Simon’s comment about her outfit though – from the waist up she was OK, but she needs help with the bottom half. 


One response to “NaBloPoMo – A – American Idol

  1. Ha ha! I’ve been thinking the same thing about David C’s hair!

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