B – My Daughter

How could I have a “B” theme and not write about my daughter known as “B” in this blog? (ooooh, another B word!)

B is 4 years old, and has been my daughter for almost 2 years. She is a real sparkplug, that kid! Her energy knows no bounds – I can’t think of any instance where she has uttered the words “I’m tired”. She would stay up all night if I let her.

She adores her big sister, and wants to do EVERYTHING she does. Her most often heard expression is, “What about me?”, which barely edges “Me too!”.  She’s a bit hestitant when it comes to trying new things, but is not shy. In a few minutes, when she is comfortable with you, she’s your best buddy. She laughs easily and has a nearly constant impish gleam in her eye – she is always up to something. She’s very much a “see-do” kind of kid – heaven forbid I leave something precious within her reach because she can’t resist grabbing it. And if she thinks doing something will get a rise out of her sister, by golly, she’s gonna do it.

She’s also very sweet, and is always the first to offer me a bite of her dessert when I’ve decided to do without. She will do a chore for her sister when she is doing her own (for example, picking up socks lying on the floor – after all, it’s no more work to pick up two pair than one).

B is harder for me to parent, and I struggle with why this is. Her behavior is often appalling (she is particularly horrific at school), and I’ve had very limited success with the usual incentives for motivating her. While she can be sweet, she is also often abrasive. The gleam in her eye can turn from cute to exasperating in no time at all. I picture her as the teenager who takes the car out for a joyride the minute my back is turned.

I’ve also heard that children with strong personalities are more secure as adults, though it can sure be rough on their parents when they’re young. That’s the nugget I’m holding on to. That, and the sweet moments she lets me see.


3 responses to “B – My Daughter

  1. As a teacher and a former gifted student it sounds like she is extremely intelligent. She may be “acting out” at school because she’s bored. Have you thought about getting her tested for special gifted services?

  2. “B” sounds like a challenge, but an interesting one. Bless her dear heart, and yours, for the courage to continue onward every day. And, thank goodness for those sweet moments. 🙂

  3. What a complete portrait you paint! I feel like I’ve spent time with her. I’d love to get her and the Queen together. They would either be instant friends or instant enemies, they’re so much alike!

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