E – Entitlement

Happy 45th Birthday to me!

I had to prod the kids into wishing me happy birthday this morning, and they bickered worse than usual all morning. A friend drove up to spend the day with us, which included lunch at McDonalds (my favorite Southwest Salad is back!!), a trip to the shoe store to return a too-big pair of shoes, and then back to hang out. We drank a beer sitting on the steps outside – my butt got a bit cold from sitting on the cold stone, and I had my sweatshirt hood and mittens on the whole time, but at least the sun was out! Then dinner at a local Mexican place that I had won a gift certficate to at a fund raiser K’s school had a few months back.

Except for the kids basically treating this as a day of entitlement – theirs – it was a very pleasant day.

And I can’t believe I’m what, middle-aged???


One response to “E – Entitlement

  1. Happy Birthday! And watch that middle-aged stuff. For another month, we’re the same age.

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