G – Ghosts

I needed a light-hearted topic for today — been way too serious lately!


But I am not going where you might think!

High school mascots are often animals: Tigers, Wildcats, Falcons. Sometimes they mimic current professional sports: Patriots, Giants, Raiders, Cubs, Bruins. And sometimes they seem a little bit, well, odd. Like Maroons, Crabbers, Martians, or Nimrods (if you don’t believe me, check out this site).

My high school’s mascot was (still is), the Grey Ghosts. I always kinda liked it! I certainly never heard of another school who used it. When I was in school the pictorial representative looked a bit like Casper, but they’ve made it seem a little more ferocious since then. I can tell you we never had anyone dressed up like a ghost walking the sidelines at football games, although it’s been a long time since I’ve been to one, and maybe they do now


One response to “G – Ghosts

  1. That is very interesting and probably unique! We were Pioneers for a long time (because the school’s name was Pioneer Christian Academy), then they changed it to Buffaloes because someone thought an animal would be better. Unfortunately the buffalo emblem that went on our cheerleading uniforms looked more like the head of Satan than a buffalo. Not a good thing for a rabidly fundamentalist Christian school.

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