H – Help!

I have been living the beginning of a nightmare the last 28 hours, and I have no idea when it will be over. I’m afraid to tell people about it, even you internets people, because of the stigma attached. But, deep breath, here goes.

We have lice.


Last night when I picked K up from her after school program one of the teachers pulled me aside to suggest I check her, since another child in the program had just been treated. She said the same thing to another parent, who visibly blanched, and said she’d been through it before, going so far as to say it was the worst three weeks of her life. I asked what to look for, and she said “dandruff that doesn’t move”.

We got home and I took one look at K’s hair and she had hundreds of pieces of dandruff that didn’t move. She suffers horribly from eczema, so it was easy to mistake it for dry skin. And I’ve been having a very itchy scalp for a few weeks. I checked B and didn’t see much. We went back out to buy some lice treatment stuff, and nit combs, and proceeded to work on K’s hair. I also scoured the inernet for more information on how to deal with this, none of it encouraging. We all went to bed late. I didnt sleep well, thinking about these creatures crawling in my head and in my bed.

This morning I checked B’s head again and decided to treat her since I just wasn’t sure about what I was seeing. As I did the comb through I got a lot of adult lice out of her hair, so I’m glad I treated her! I wet and combed through K’s hair again this am too, and it seemed much better. Maybe B is actually the source, who knows.

My washing machine has been running ALL DAY today. I’ve done a month’s worth of laundry, quite literally. I bagged up all stuffed animals (they say if you bag them for 2 weeks any lice will die from lack of air).

Tonight I mayo’d up all our heads, and covered them in plastic wraps. We’re wearing winter hats over that to keep the plastic on, and minimize the oiliness on pillows. In the morning we’ll wash and rinse and comb through. And again, and again.

Oh, and I worked a full day today too.

It was not a good day.

Except the Red Sox won their home opener today – Go Sox!


3 responses to “H – Help!

  1. Been there, done that 🙂

    What worked for us was to wash my daughters hair every day, put LOTS of conditioner on, and comb out the conditioner with a lice comb (get the metal ones). You’ve got to keep doing it for a while — it’s better for getting out live lice than nits, so the trick is to get out any hatched bug before it can produce another nit.

    But we found combing with conditioner was a lot more effective, and an lot less patience trying than just combing. And we didn’t have much luck with the medicated shampoos — I think they’re probably a good starting point — but for us they weren’t enough.

  2. We haven’t experienced this yet, but I feel certain we will. My sister-in-law went through it twice in year when the twins were in 2nd grade and the older boy was in 5th. I’ve also heard that freezing stuffed animals will kill mites and lice and such, if the bag thing doesn’t work.

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